This is where it all begins. GIRLS CO-OP’s Developmental Program is the pride and joy of the gym.

These young children ranging in age from 4 – 6 and their families are introduced to the wonderful world of gymnastics. Children are invited to the Developmental program from KIDS CO-OP’s Rising Star Recreational Classes.


This is their first experience in a “team” training group. Coaches use team-building activities, stickers for rewards and charts to motivate our youngest team members. The Developmental’s training is focused on conditioning and flexibility with an emphasis on body positions on basic gymnastic skills. At GIRLS CO-OP we believe in providing the young athlete a good foundation to build on. Children learn to work hard and enjoy seeing how strong they get from training.

Athletes participate in the developmental program for approximately two years before transitioning into their appropriate competitive program. During this time the coaches continue to evaluate the child and update the families on their progress. The coach will continue to educate the parents on the sport of gymnastics and what the expectations are of all the different programs CO-OP has to offer.

Although the children do not officially compete, they are very much included in the team through participation in parades, exhibitions and team outings.

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Elite / TOPs

The program is designed to allow athletes who have the desire and talent to reach elite status the opportunity to do so.

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Junior Olympic

The GIRLS CO-OP Gymnastics program begins with Level 3 and continues through Level 10. Junior Olympic has 2 major divisions: Compulsory and Optional.

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XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts.

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