The mission of KIDS CO-OP is to
▪ Develop a love of activity in a safe and exciting environment.
▪ Develop self-worth and caring attitude toward others.
▪ Develop individual excellence from the inside out through … FITNESS – FRIENDS – FUN while doing Gymnastics – Tumble – Camps!

KIDS CO-OP – Where Stars Are Born

The mission of GIRLS CO-OP Gymnastics National Training Center is to promote and encourage participation in all aspects of gymnastics, while at the same time, emphasizing individual excellence.

GIRLS CO-OP – Where Champions Are Made


KIDS CO-OP specializes in preschool and school age Gymnastics, Tumbling, Camps and is proud to be a feeder program for Nationally recognized GIRLS CO-OP Competitive Team Program. KIDS CO-OP has a wide variety of programs for children of all ages- walking toddlers, pre-school, and school-age children. We offer preschool gymnastics and educational day programs, school age girls and boys gymnastics, and tumble/cheer programs. Our seven unifying principles are:
▪ Respect
▪ Dedication
▪ Unity
▪ Empowerment
▪ Belief
▪ Attitude
▪ Communication



GIRLS CO-OP trains athletes from the youngest Developmental stage through International Elite. Along with an emphasis on individual excellence, GIRLS CO-OP instills 5 Unifying Principles into each and every athlete.
▪ Respect
▪ Communication
▪ Teamwork
▪ Trustworthiness
▪ Belief