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GIRLS CO-OP Gymnastics National Team

KIDS CO-OP Gymnastics - Tumble - Dance Center

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Where kids develop a love of activity in a safe and exciting, environment while building individual excellence from the inside out through FITNESS – FRIENDS – FUN!  Kids love our spacious, modern, indoor, air-conditioned Gymnastics, Tumble, Fitness and Dance facility filled with Foam Pits, Tumble Trac, Trampolines, Spring Floors, Star Dust Studio and much, much more.  Weather is never a concern here at KIDS CO-OP. Campers say, “who cares if it is raining or too hot outside there’s tons to do inside”!

At KIDS CO-OP, campers are grouped according to age and participate in developmentally appropriate daily theme; Crafts, Snacks and Team-building Games, along with; Outside Water Activities, Field Trips, Elective Fitness time; which parents and/or children, may choose, from Gymnastics, Tumbling (great for cheerleaders) Fit N Fun Fitness, Pit Play and/or Dance.  Campers, Parents and Friends look forward to our, Thank Goodness its Friday end of the week Team Building Event!

KIDS CO-OP’S NO BUMMER SUMMER DAY CAMP is conveniently located in Bethlehem between Rts. 512 and 191 in the Lehigh Valley IV – V Industrial Park.  We offer ½ day camps 9:00 am – 12:00pm or 1:00 – 4:00pm;   full day camps 9:00 – 4:00pm and extended care from 7:00 -9:00am and/or 4:00-6:00pm.

C.I.T. Program
Our Coaches In Training Program offers 13-14 year olds a summer filled with Fitness, Friends and Fun and valuable work training experience. C.I.T.s assists the camp coaches in a variety of ways including   snacks, crafts, lunch and team-building assignments. They also have free time to take advantage of Fitness Activities of their choice, Field Trips and T.G.I.F. Team Building Events. C.I.T.s are closely monitored by camp directors, and must be interviewed and approved and availability is strictly limited.


Preview Camp Wk: June 7th – 11th

Pre-view Camp is all about giving your child a taste of every theme NO BUMMER SUMMER Day Camp has to offer.  This week of camp has a different Theme Snack, Craft and Outside Activity twice a day. Monday morning we will be making Tee Pees and in the afternoon we will be Organic Gardening. Tuesday morning we’re making crystals and in the afternoon petting Barnyard Animals. Wednesday morning learning a Cheer or playing some Football and in the afternoon we will be doing Science Experiments. Thursday morning we are building a water obstacle course and in the afternoon doing Magic Tricks or Face Painted like a Clown. Friday morning we will be eating Creepy Crawling Bugs and in the afternoon have a Campers Rule Celebration that everyone will remember! Along with creative theme activities, you and/or your child/ren can choose from Fitness Activity of Gymnastics, Tumble, Fit N Fun, Pit Play and/or Dance up to twice a day. There is no field trip this week but barnyard petting animals are being brought in for the children to learn about.


Pocahontas, Native American Powwow Wk 1: June 14th – 18th


Over the years people have found lots of ways to get together either to renew old friendships or make new ones. For Native Americans, this event is called a Powwow and what better way to start our 1st week of NO BUMMER SUMMER CAMP then with a Powwow theme. Children will have fun remembering the Native American name they will be given, have fun making crafts of Head Dresses, Native American Costumes,  Beaded Necklaces, Pottery, Drums and more. They will be eating Native American Snacks of Fruits, Nuts, (unless you’re allergic) Dried Buffalo meat, to name just a few. They will be learning Native American Dances, how to herd a Buffalo with a straw, take a Field Trip to a Native American Museum in Allentown, and hold a Powwow on Friday that Friends and Family may attend. This week of camp is sure to be filled with Fitness, FRIENDS and Fun!


Dig in and Get Dirty with Organic Gardening Wk 2: June 21st – 25th

farmer_pulling_veggies_lwCampers will have fun showing off their Green Thumbs this week of camp by growing tickle me plants, scrap plants and digging for worms along with; eating flowers, organic fruits and vegetables for snack. They will be learning the importance of going green, composting and growing organically. Children will be raking, fertilizing, watering and taking a Field Trip to Rodale Farms, in Kutztown. Whether your child is an accomplished gardener or a novice, your child will love the chance to partner with Mother Nature and make some magic.  We won’t be looking for your child to achieve horticultural perfection, just encourage them to dig in, get dirty and have fun growing something beautiful to look at and/or good to eat! You’re invited to come see how our garden grew at the T.G.I.F. end of the week event!


A Caving We Will Go Wk 3: June 28th – July 2nd

eye_of_horus_pebble_lwGet ready to explore how to grow your own crystals, balance a bat on your finger and caving at home. Take a step back in time and experience what it was like to eat, dress and live like a cave wo/man. Come with us on our Field Trip to Crystal Cave, in Kutztown, and find out what a real cave is like. This week of camp you will have fun building a bat house, a sinkhole and making your own fossils. We will have fun making cave drawings, a caveman obstacle course, a flute out of Mammoth Bones (paper towel roll) and we will end the week on Friday with a Mammoth Bone Hunt. Travel back in time with our Caving We Will Go week of camp!


Barnyard, Hoedown Animal Palooza Wk 4: July 5th – July 9th

cartoon_cow_female_st_a_lwIt is time for campers to put on a straw hat, grab a pitchfork and get ready to go down on the farm this week of camp. Children will be making butter, pigging out on animal feed, constructing a farm, learning how to care for farm animals and taking a Field Trip to the Kutztown Folk Festival. The chow wagon will be serving up franks and (jelly) beans and glasses of sarsaparilla (root beer) to wash down the trail dust. Campers will have a Barnyard Blast, Hunting in the Hay, Shooting (water –guns) in our Barnyard Arcade, Lassoing and learning the Hoedown Throwdown.  T.G.I.F. end of the week activity is sure to be a “Hoot and Holler” Hoedown experience!


All Star Cheer, Gymnastic and Sports Wk 5: July 12th-16th

For the past 10 years this camp has been one of our most popular weeks of camp, allowing children and/or parents to caryn_playing_golf_lwcheerleader_blk_holdi_a_lwdesign their own week of Sports Camp.  While coaches teach children the importance of nutrition, healthy snacks and provide recipes designed to help keep their bodies strong, campers will be making medals, trophies and award certificates for all. Whether they want to learn how to do a Cartwheel, Round-off or Back-Handspring for Cheer, learn a Gymnastics routine on Balance Beam, Floor and Bars and/or Play some Tag Football, Field Hockey or going on a Field Trip with us to play some Golf, Go Swimming, or Bowling, this week of camp there are no spectators only participants that can’t wait to find out how much fun sports can be! KIDS CO-OP promoting healthy kids through… FITNESS –FRIENDS – FUN!



Silly, Slimy Science Wk 6: July 19th – 23rd

dna_looking_through_m_a_lwCampers get crazy mad about science this week of camp as they do science experiments that demonstrate;  Isotrophy, Thixotropy, Air Pressure, Bernoulli’s Principle and Buoyancy along with making Slime, Polymers, Silly Putty, doing experiments that pertain to Sound and Noise and making their very own Kazoo, huuuummmm.  We will be eating marshmallow molecules, eyeball cupcakes, celery sticks we turn into a different color and mad science wraps for snacks. This week the Field Trip is brought to you as Mad Scientists pay us a visit. T.G.I.F. end of the week activity; we hope doesn’t go up in smoke as our newest scientists show off their stuff!


Get Wacky, Get Wet at Wacky Water Wk 7: July 26th – 30th

boy_shooting_squirt_gun_lwWhat better way to bring a smile to a child’s face on a hot summer day, then with water games and this week of camp is filled with them.  Campers will get wet; Painting with Water, playing Dribble, Dribble  Drench, Musical Sprinkler, Splash Tag, Piggy Freeze, Don’t be a Drip, Squirt Water Relay,  we will be bringing out the Water Slides, and creating our own Water Obstacle Courses. Summery healthy snacks of Frozen Fruit Cubes, Dripless Popsicles, Sensational Slush, Frozen Orange Sundaes and Rocky Road Sandwiches will help keep campers cool on a hot summer’s day! Join us on our Field Trip to Terry Hill Water Park, in Breiningsville, and T.G.I. F. end of the week event, get ready to Get Wacky Wet!

circus header

Clowning Around and doing Magic at our “Circus under the Big Tent” Wk 8: August 2nd – 6th

clown_holding_balloons_lwIt time for campers to be part of our Circus under the Big Tent. They will be experimenting with Magic Tricks like; the “Magnetic Pencil”, the “Levitating Ring”, the “Card Prediction”, the “Disappearing Coin” and the “Vanishing Toothpick”, just to name a few! Children will have delicious snacks of; Ice-cream Clowns, Big Top Circus Mix, Snow Cones, Cookie Carousels and lots, lots more. Campers will have fun spending a day at Clown School, complete with a visit from a real Clown!  Clown Crafts along with Kaleidoscopes, a Magic Trick or Two, and make a Clown or Magician Costume only you get to choose.  T.G.I.F is our best yet, come watch our very own, Circus under the Big Tent, complete with Magicians and Clowns!


Creepy, Crawling, Beautiful Butterfly, Bug Wk 9: August 9th – 13th

“Insects, with their compound eyes, antennas, and three pairs of legs usually provoke fear, disgust, and annoyance”, red_eyed_tree_frog_ri_a_lwbut when you teach children to keep an open mind, they won’t think bugs are so icky, especially after this week of camp! Campers will have fun playing Bug Bingo, Bean Bag Lady Bugs, Caterpillar Crawl, Bug Hunt and Bug in your Shirt games and there are plenty more. Kids will be eating Scary Snacks of Edible Bugs and Garbage Dump, Ants on a Log, Freeze Bugs, Lady Bug Cookies, Butterfly Bagels and Bugs on a Lily Pad plus many other surprises. Creepy, Crawling, Bug and Butterfly Crafts that include: a Swarm of Tumblebugs, Bug Catchers, Butterfly House, Bug Pencil Toppers, Natural Bug Buddies, Bug Headbands and lots, lots more! Take a Field Trip with us to Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary, located in Jim Thorpe. It’s a Bugs Life T.G.I.F. end of the week event!


vote_big_mwCamper’s Rule it’s their Celebration Wk 10: August 16th – 20th

This week of camp is yet to be determined, by you guessed it, the CAMPERS!  Throughout the summer campers will be given a ballot to vote on what they would like the last week of camp to include. They will vote on the crafts, vote on the snacks, vote on the team-building games and vote on this week’s Field Trip. This week of camp is a week of Celebration and letting the Campers Rule because only their vote counts!