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Creepy, Crawling, Beautiful Butterfly, Bug Wk 9: August 9th – 13th

“Insects, with their compound eyes, antennas, and three pairs of legs usually provoke fear, disgust, and annoyance”, red_eyed_tree_frog_ri_a_lwbut when you teach children to keep an open mind, they won’t think bugs are so icky, especially after this week of camp! Campers will have fun playing Bug Bingo, Bean Bag Lady Bugs, Caterpillar Crawl, Bug Hunt and Bug in your Shirt games and there are plenty more. Kids will be eating Scary Snacks of Edible Bugs and Garbage Dump, Ants on a Log, Freeze Bugs, Lady Bug Cookies, Butterfly Bagels and Bugs on a Lily Pad plus many other surprises. Creepy, Crawling, Bug and Butterfly Crafts that include: a Swarm of Tumblebugs, Bug Catchers, Butterfly House, Bug Pencil Toppers, Natural Bug Buddies, Bug Headbands and lots, lots more! Take a Field Trip with us to Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary, located in Jim Thorpe. It’s a Bugs Life T.G.I.F. end of the week event!

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