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GIRLS CO-OP Gymnastics National Team

KIDS CO-OP Gymnastics - Tumble - Dance Center

is a feeder program for the...


Kids Night Out

182263_526165940750442_1478442479_n Put on your favorite PJs, and slippers and get ready to to PARTY at KIDS CO-OP’s Pajama  Party KIDS NIGHT OUT on Saturday, April 18th, 5:30 – 8:30pm.


Children ages 3 – 12yrs will fill their bellies at the PIZZA PARTY 5:30 – 6:00pm then get ready to  have tons of fun playing Pillow, Parachute and Relay Fitness Games along with lots of Dancing, Twisting, Tumbling and Jumping with Friends! Kids will love making their very own NIGHT SHIRT for  CRAFT and munch on different flavored POPCORN for SNACK!


Party the rest of your night away watching the movie The Incredibles which starts at 7:30pm. Space is limited so call KIDS CO-OP at 610-861-9151 to register or for more information. Cost: $20.00 for members $25.00 non-members – 2nd child discount 10% –  3 children in a family $40.00 $50.00 for non-members.






Saturday, April 12th, 5:30-8:30pm

Children ages 3 – 12 years old be a part of our…

  • PIZZA PARTY 5:30-5:45pm
  • BUNNY HOP Warm-up!
  • BUNNY Craft!
  • BUNNY Drink and JELLY BEAN Rice Crispy Treat Snack!
  • Every child receives a FLASHLIGHT to be used at the EASTER EGG HUNT at 8:00pm and of course a night filled with HOPPING GOOD FITNESS – FRIENDS and FUN!

Limited number of spaces available. Please call 610-861-9151 to register or for more information.


Cost: $20.00 Members – $25.00 Non-members 10%off 2nd child – Family of 3 $45.00 members – $55.00 Non-members





Sweet Treat KNO flyer

TREAT YOURSELF to a couple hours with your SPECIAL VALENTINE while your children enjoy some SWEET TREAT FITNESS, FRIENDS and FUN at KIDS CO-OP’S monthly KIDS NIGHT OUT!

5:30pm – 6:00pm Pizza and Drinks

6:00 – 7:30pm – Theme  SWEATY, SWEET FITNESS Activities, SWEET TREAT Snack, LET’S BE SWEET Obstacle Course, VALENTINE Games and Craft!

*7:30pm – 8:30pm – Theme age appropriate Movie

* Add and hour for $10.00

*Space is limited – Call us at 610-861-9151 for more information or to register!

KIDS NIGHT OUT a gym tradition filled with… FITNESS – FRIENDS and FUN…  for over 10 years just got better!



Go Green This  3 hr 5:30-8:30pm KIDS NIGHT OUT for children ages 3- 12years  is filled with lots of go green activities just in time for St. Patty’s Day!


The night starts off with a Pizza and Go Green Party Drinks at 5:30pm and then get ready to GO GREEN party all night long!


Children will be rotating to a Craft Station,  a Snack Station,  an Over the Rainbow Obstacle Course Station,  to a try your Luck at Go Green Bingo (where every child will winning a prize), and of course the rest of the evening will be filled with GO GREEN,  FITNESS – FRIENDS – FUN!

Movie starts at 7:30 and is titled Chip N Dale the last Leprechaun.

Cost: $20.00 member – $25.00 non-member  2nd Child 10% discount

3  Children same family $45.00 member – $55.00 non-member


dec kids night outTis the season keep the tradition alive with KIDS CO-OP…
and TOYS for TOTS drive!
Partner with us and share the GIFT of GIVEN…
to less fortunate children by bringing a donated gift for…TOYS for TOTS!
All new donated gifts with attached paid receipts will have  the cost of gift deducted from admission  price.
Pizza & Drink at 5:30 pm
Picture of your Child with Santa in a CRAFT
Holiday Snack
3 hours of…
Holiday Gymnastics, Fitness, Friends and Holiday Fun!
3 hr $20.00 mem – $25.00 non-mem
10% off 2nd child discount
Family discount up to 3 children: $40.00 mem  – $45.00  non-mem
Add an extended hour which includes a movie $10.00per family , $5.00 per child
Please call 610-861-9151 to register or for additional information and Enjoy a Holiday filled with FITNESS – FRIENDS – FUN!

November silly stringA Super Silly “Kids Night Out”!

Saturday, November 16th, 5:30- – 8:30pm

This 3 Hour KIDS NIGHT OUT is the silliest one of the year!


Stringy Cheese Pizza Party at 5:30pm

Can of Silly String for Silly String Tag

Silly String Obstacle Course!

Silly Loom Bracelet for Craft

Stringy Snack and Silly Fitness – Friends – Fun!


1 Child: $20.00 per child member
1 Child: $25.00 per child  non-member
10% discount on 2nd child
Family up to 3 children $40.00  member
Family up to 3 children $50.00  non-member

Call us at 610-861-9151 for more information or to register.

Registration Form

oct.jpg frankieMark your calendar for KIDS CO-OP’S first KIDS NIGHT OUT of the season Saturday, October 19th from 5:30 – 8:30pm. 3 Hours of frightful fun, running, jumping, tumbling and looking for “Frankie”! Children will be Dancing to the Monster Mash, playing Monster Games and making Monster Eyeball Trick or Treat bags for craft. No need to feed them dinner because they will have their fill of Pizza,   Monster Drinks and a  Slimie Dessert!  The movie Monster House starts at 7:30pm on our new over sized screen!


Cost is $20.00 for members – $25.00 for non-members, 10% Discount for 2nd Child, $40.00 for 3 Children must be from the same family for members and $45.00 for non-members. Please let us know in advance if your child is not comfortable with oversize characters. Spaces are limited so call 610-861-9151 now to reserve your spot or for more information!

daddy daughter 2014 Everyone here is excited about this years…… “Winter Wonderland Dance and Tumble” KIDS NIGHT OUT… which takes place on Saturday, February 15th from 5:30-8:30pm.  You and your dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt or any plus one adult of your choice  is invited to be your date for the night. You and your plus one will have fun doing relay races together, crafting together, tumbling together, dancing and snacking on pizza together.


Wear clothing comfortable for both tumbling and dancing. Many children will wear a leotard for the gymnastics portion of the night and then put a dress on for the dancing portion. Dates please dress comfortably. Pictures will be taken of you and your date to keep your “Winter Wonderland” memory alive long after the night is over. Pizza Party and Dancing starts at 7:45pm


Cost: Includes 1 Plus One  

1 Child $30.00 member – $35.00 non-member
2nd Child less 10%  same family
3rd Child $65.00 – $75.00 same family


Please call us at 610-861-9151 to register or for more information! This KIDS NIGHT OUT promises is to be a “Wonderful Winter Night” filled with lots of FITNESS – FRIENDS  and FUN, with your PLUS ONE!

bring a friends 2013 winter won.jpg GOOD In Celebration of ” February is SHARE FITNESS FUN with A FRIEND Month” KIDS CO-OP is hosting a WINTER WONDERLAND KIDS NIGHT OUT on Saturday, February 16th from 5:30-8:30pm. We are encouraging you to bring a FRIEND  and introduce them to a night filled with Dancing, Tumbling, Crafting, Snacking and Partying at KIDS CO-OP!


The night will start off with a Pizza party at 5:30 – 6:00pm and then be prepared to party till 8:30pm. The cost to bring a non-member friend is a friendly price of $5.00

Registration Form Bring a Friend “WINTER WONDERLAND KIDS NIGHT OUT”

Costs: You plus 1 non-member Friend: $25.00mem – $30.00non-member, *Family Discounts 2 children plus 2 n0n-member Friends 10% off regular priced registration, *3 Children per family $45.00member $55.00non-member $5.00per non-member friend up to total 3non-member friends. *To receive family discounts children must be in same family. Space is limited please call 610-861-9151to save you and your friends spots or for more information!


This Saturday, November 17th you kids will love our Football Fun Bowl here at KIDS CO-OP!


3 Hours 5:30 – 8:30pm, of Football or Cheer Leading, Games, Tumble, Snack, Craft and a Turkey Fun Bowl game they won’t want to miss!


Start the night off with Pizza and Drink then decide whether you would rather play some Football or learn a Cheer!

Make some Pom-Poms or a Football to throw? There will be rice crispy treats for one and all! We’ve changed the movie to Air Bud which will start at 7:30pm.


Cost: $20.00 Members – $25.00 Non-members – 10%off 2nd child – Family up to 3: $45.00 Member – $55.00 Non-member.


Still spots available but they are going fast! Call 610-861-9151 for more information or to register!



Yep, it is that time of the year again, on Saturday, February 11th,  Daddy and Daughter/s will spend the night Dancing – Tumbling – Crafting – Snacking and Partying  the night away with their little girl/s!


This 2 hour 6:00 – 8:00pm KIDS NIGHT OUT is all about Daddy and his Daughter/s spending quality time together!  The night starts off at 6:00pm with Pizza and Drinks and finishes up at 7:30pm with Daddy and Daughter/s  Dancing and Snacking the last half hour away!


So Dads, put on your favorite comfy clothes and dancing shoes, while Daughters wear your favorite leotard for tumbling and bring your prettiest skirt for dancing and get ready to have a snowy night filled with  lots of DANCING – FITNESS – FREINDS and FUN!


COST: Daddy and 1 daughter $20.00 for members $25.00 for non-members

Daddy and 2 daughters 2nd child receives 10%

Daddy and 3 daughters $40.00 for members $50.00 for non-members.

Please call us at 610-861-9151 to register Daddy Daughter Dance Registration form or for more information.

Don’t be scared because it’s back by popular demand  the KIDS NIGHT OUT you have all been waiting for…”MONSTER MASH”… on Saturday, October 22nd, 5:30 – 8:30pm. This kids night out is complete with a surprise visit from one of your favorite *monsters! Kids will partake in lots of FITNESS – with lots of  FRIENDS – while having lots of FUN  doing a MONSTER MASH WARM-UP… jumping, running and tumbling through a MONSTER OBSTACLE COURSE… SNACKING on pizza, sipping on monster juice and have a sweet treat of scary eyeballs for dessert. Make your very own set monster eyeballs for CRAFT…and be part of a MONSTER SCAVERGER HUNT with prizes for all.  Kids night out come to a scary end with Disney’s Hocus Pocus movie playing 7:30 – 8:30pm. Space is limited so call 610-861-9151 to register Kids Night Out Registration Form or for more information. *Please let us know if your child is fearful of oversize people in costume.

Cost: $20.00 Members – $25.00 for Non-Members, 2nd child in same family receives 10%off, $35.00 for Family of 3 Members – $45.00 for Non-Members


182263_526165940750442_1478442479_nAnd the winners of our Slipper Parade are Kennedi, Julia and Allanah! Way to wear your Slippers girls!


The annual PJ Party Kids Night Out started with a Pizza Party at 5:30pm and Slipper Parade at 6:00pm with prizes for all!


The rest of the evening was filled with Pillow, Parachute and Relay Games, Dancing, Twisting and of course lots of Fitness Fun and Friends!

Kids made Night Shirts for Craft, Munched on flavored Popcorn for Snack and watch the Movie, UP before going home to bed!


Mark your calendars the next KIDS NIGHT OUT is February 16th, 5:30 – 8:30pm!

Please call us at 610-861-9151 to reserve your spot or for more information!

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