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GIRLS CO-OP Gymnastics National Team

KIDS CO-OP Gymnastics - Tumble - Dance Center

is a feeder program for the...



Pre-View Week – All 10 Themes in ONE great week

Pre-View Week June 4th – 8th


Pre-View Camp is all about giving your child/ren a taste of every theme NO BUMMER SUMMER THEME DAY CAMP has to offer. This week of camp has a different Theme Snack, Craft and Team Building Game both in the morning and afternoon session of camp.  Monday morning we will be Rock N Rolling and Dance N to the music and in the afternoon we will be Organic Gardening. Tuesday morning we’ll be learning a Cheer and/or playing some Tag Football and in the afternoon celebrating a surprise Holiday to be announced that day of camp. Wednesday morning we are Buzzing like Bees and in the afternoon we will do Science Experiments. Thursday morning we are getting Crazy Wet and in the afternoon we’re flying to London to be part of the Summer Olympics. Friday morning lets Roar like Lion’s and the afternoon having a Camper’s Rule Celebration that everyone will remember!


I want to be a ROCK START

Week 1   June 11th – 15th


tingo_rock_star_playing_guitar_lg_clrWe are starting our 1st week of NO BUMMER SUMMER THEME CAMP on a musical high! Campers will be making air guitars, singing like they are on Idol and acting like a ROCK STAR this week of camp. We will be taking a Field Trip to Martin Guitar, located in Nazareth, along with Rocking N Rolling Gymnastics, Tumble and Dance all week long. Campers will be snacking on Rock Star Ice cream microphones, Rock Star Power mixes and Rock Star Krispies to name a few. Our end of the week T.G.I.Friday celebration will be a KIDS CO-OP Rock Star Idol contest. Campers will have bun making Rock Star Wigs, glasses and stage to sing on. Of course you’re invited to bring your camera and be here to cheer them on! This week of camp is surly a fit for you Rock Star Kid!


Dig in and Get Dirty with Organic Gardening

Week 2 June 18th – June 22nd


prize_winning_carrots_lg_clrCampers will have fun showing off their green thumbs this 2nd week of camp. They will be growing plants, digging for worms and learning how to compost. Campers will have fun eating flowers and organic fruit and vegetables for snacks. For exercise they will be racking, fertilizing, watering and taking a Field Trip to the Rodale Farm, in Kutztown. Whether your child/ren is/are an accomplished gardener or  a novice,  they will love chance to partner with Mother Nature and make some magic. We won’t be looking for your child/ren to achieve horticultural perfection, just encourage them to “dig in and get dirty” and have fun growing something from nothing. You’re invited to come and see how our garden grew at the T.G.I.Friday end of the week Garden Show.


All Star Sports and Cheer

Week 3 June 25th – June 29th


Fsoftball_player_ready_to_catch_ball_lg_clror the past decade this week of camp has been one of our most popular weeks. This week of camp allows children and/or parents to design their own ALL STAR SPROTS WEEK.  While coaches teach the importance of Nutrition and provide Healthy Snacks to keep campers bodies strong (recipes included).

Campers will be making 1st place trophies and Team Award Certificates for craft. They will be creating their own Pep Rally for T.G.I.Friday which family and friends are invited to attend. Whether your child/ren are wanting to learn or perfect their rolls, cartwheel, Round-off, back-hand-spring for cheer or want to play some tag football, Baseball and/or Lacrosse, this week of camp there will be no spectators or participants! Campers


HOLIDAYS in July (this is a 4 day camp)

*Week 4 July 2nd – July 6th


holidayEvery year campers ask, “if we could offer a week of camp filed with their favorite Holidays. This year we finally decided to take their advice and here it is. A different Holiday for every day; Monday we will be making Halloween Masks and doing Tricks for Treats! Tuesday let get ready for the 4 of July by making a patriotic 10 gallon hat and an American Flag to way proudly. Wednesday we are closed in celebration of  Independence Day we are closed. Thursday we Celebrating Christmas complete with an Ice Skating Field Trip to Steel Ice Rink in Bethlehem and Friday we will ringing in the New Year! Who knows we may even get a visit from Good Old Saint Nick himself!


Bees, Butterflies and other Beautiful Buggy Things

Week 5 July 9th – July 13th


monarch_flap_md_clr“Insects with their compound eyes, antennas, and three pairs of legs usually provoke fear, disgust and annoyance”, but when you teach children to keep an open mind, they won’t think bugs are so icky, especially after this week of camp. Campers will have fun playing Bug Bingo complete with buggy prizes, doing the Caterpillar Crawl, Lady Bug Hunting and plenty more. Kids will be eating scary edible Bug, Ants on a Log, Frozen Bugs, Butterfly Bagels and a few more surprises! Wait till you see the creepy, crawling, Bug and Butterfly Crafts. Crafts include; a Swarm of tumble bugs, Bug Catcher, Bug Pencil Toppers and lots more. We are taking a Field Trip to Schocharie Ridge Apiary, located in Kempton, to meet a bee keeper. T.G.I.Friday will be the buggiest one yet!


Silly, Slimy, Swamp Science

Week 6 16th –July 20th


snail_looking_around_lg_clrCampers will get Silly about Science this week of camp as they do science experiments that demonstrate: Isotrophy, Thixotrophy, Air Pressure, Bernoulli’s Principle and Buoyancy along with making Slime, Polymers and Silly Putty. Campers will also learn about Sound and Noise as they make their own Kazoo, huuuummm. We of course will be doing lots of Gymnastics –Tumble –Dance – Motion Evolution and/or Pit N Fit Play.  Snacks will be marshmallow molecules, swamp pies, neon slime celery sticks, and silly science wraps plus a few more is surprises. This week the T.G.I.Friday end of the week activity will be a Silly, Slimy, Swamp Science Fair where our newest scientists show off their Silly, Slimy, Swamp Skills.


Crazy, Lazy Water Days of Summer

Week 7 July 23rd – July 27th


man_floating_in_whirlpool_lg_clrWhat better way to bring a smile to a child’s face on a hot summer day, than with fun creative water games and this week of camp will be filled with them. Campers be prepared to get crazy wet while; Painting with water, playing Dribble, Dribble, Dribble Drench, Musical Sprinkler, Splash Tag, Piggy Freeze, Don’t be a Drip and Squirt Gun Relay  to name a few. Snacks of Fruit Cubes, Dripless Popsicles, Sensational Slushes and Frozen Orange Sundaes will keep campers cool. Kids will be making Gone Fishing signs, Crazy Sand Art, Bottle Fish and lots more. Campers will totally enjoy taking a Lazy, Crazy Tube Ride down the Little Lehigh Creek at the Pool Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Emmaus. There will be nothing lazy about our T.G.I.Friday it will be totally Crazy!



Summer Olympic Celebration

Week 8 July 30th – August 3rd


girl_walking_with_us_flag_lg_clrThis week campers will be hosting their own Summer Olympics. They will have fun learning about English culture along with understanding the hard work of preparing for the Olympic Games and Closing Ceremony which takes place on Friday at our T.G.I.Friday event. Campers will be making Medals to present during the awards ceremony, learning what the Olympic Rings and colors represent and   making snacks fit for an Olympian. There will be fun competitions just for laughs like Straw Javelin, Olympic Pit Races, Olympic Runway Dash, Shot Put Pies, and Marshmallow Relay! Our Summer Olympic Celebration may take place here at KIDS CO-OP instead of London but campers memories of it will last for a life time.


polar_bear_beach_ball_lg_clrAnimals in Action

Week 9 August 6th – August 10th


Campers will be turning into animals this week of camp! They will have fun creating new and exciting animals; when they take a head of one animal, a leg of another, add a paw or a beak and maybe name their new animal a elephantduckeros. Campers will surely get their exercise when they play team building games like Run Sheep Run, Barnyard, Blind Cow, Bear Ball, Psychic Snake and Crows and Cranes to name just a few. Campers will be snacking on Amazon Fish, Zebra Food, Animal Crackers, Bamboo Sticks and Jungle mix. We are packing a nap snack and leaving on a Field Trip to the Lehigh Valley Zoo located in Orefield. We will be turning the gym into a Wild Life Safari on T.G.I.Friday and tons of Animal Action FITNESS – FRIENDS – FUN!


Campers Rule Celebration

Week 10 August 13th – 17th


usa_vote_lg_clrThis week of camp is yet to be determined by you guessed it, the CAMPERS! Throughout the summer campers will be given a ballot to vote on what they would like the last week of camp to include. They will vote on their favorite Crafts, Snacks, Team-building Games and even the Field Trip we will go on. This last week of camp is all about Celebrating and letting the CAMPERS RULE because their vote counts. This is KIDS CO-OP’S way of thanking the campers for another year of NO BUMMER SUMMER THEME DAY CAMP another great year!