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Monthly Archives: June 2010


All Star Cheer, Gymnastic and Sports Wk 5: July 12th-16th

For the past 10 years this camp has been one of our most popular weeks of camp, allowing children and/or parents to caryn_playing_golf_lwcheerleader_blk_holdi_a_lwdesign their own week of Sports Camp.  While coaches teach children the importance of nutrition, healthy snacks and provide recipes designed to help keep their bodies strong, campers will be making medals, trophies and award certificates for all. Whether they want to learn how to do a Cartwheel, Round-off or Back-Handspring for Cheer, learn a Gymnastics routine on Balance Beam, Floor and Bars and/or Play some Tag Football, Field Hockey or going on a Field Trip with us to play some Golf, Go Swimming, or Bowling, this week of camp there are no spectators only participants that can’t wait to find out how much fun sports can be! KIDS CO-OP promoting healthy kids through… FITNESS –FRIENDS – FUN!

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Silly, Slimy Science Wk 6: July 19th – 23rd

dna_looking_through_m_a_lwCampers get crazy mad about science this week of camp as they do science experiments that demonstrate;  Isotrophy, Thixotropy, Air Pressure, Bernoulli’s Principle and Buoyancy along with making Slime, Polymers, Silly Putty, doing experiments that pertain to Sound and Noise and making their very own Kazoo, huuuummmm.  We will be eating marshmallow molecules, eyeball cupcakes, celery sticks we turn into a different color and mad science wraps for snacks. This week the Field Trip is brought to you as Mad Scientists pay us a visit. T.G.I.F. end of the week activity; we hope doesn’t go up in smoke as our newest scientists show off their stuff!

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Barnyard Hoedown Animal Palooza Wk 4: July 5th – July 9th

cartoon_cow_female_st_a_lwIt is time for campers to put on a straw hat, grab a pitchfork and get ready to go down on the farm this week of camp. Children will be making butter, pigging out on animal feed, constructing a farm, learning how to care for farm animals and taking a Field Trip to the Kutztown Folk Festival. The chow wagon will be serving up franks and (jelly) beans and glasses of sarsaparilla (root beer) to wash down the trail dust. Campers will have a Barnyard Blast, Hunting in the Hay, Shooting (water –guns) in our Barnyard Arcade, Lassoing and learning the Hoedown Throwdown.  T.G.I.F. end of the week activity is sure to be a “Hoot and Holler” Hoedown experience!

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