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GIRLS CO-OP Gymnastics National Team

KIDS CO-OP Gymnastics - Tumble - Dance Center

is a feeder program for the...


Monthly Archives: January 2011

We are sorry, at this time our telephone system is down and we are unable to receive or call out. Our new phone carrier has assured us they are doing their best to fixed this promblem ASAP. Till our phones are up and running please call us at 267-278-4360.

  • January is show your R-E-S-P-E-C-T Month; the 1st of KIDS CO-OP’S Unifying Principles.
  • This month is  all about rewarding  students with  High Five Ribbons when they are spotted showing RESPECT to fellow STUDENTS and/or THEM SELF!
  • Start your child’s  New Year off right have them develop a love of activity through…
  • FITNESS – FRIENDS and FUN while doing…
  • at KIDS CO-OP!
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